Jim Gibbons: Recycle Your Electronics for Free on Earth Day and Every Day

We all know old electronics shouldn’t be thrown away with the coffee grounds or recycled with the newspapers, but most of us aren’t really sure what to do with them. We store them in closets, under the stairs and out of the way until we can figure out what to do with them.

This is why Goodwill Industries International formed the Reconnect partnership with Dell more than six years ago that allows participating Goodwills to responsibly dispose of unwanted electronic products without spending money that could go to job training, employment-placement services and other critical services that assist individuals in their communities. Through the partnership, participating Goodwills collect unwanted electronics and unsalvageable electronic items (except televisions), and give them to certified third-party collectors on behalf of Dell. Employees repair and resell computers, printers, monitors and the like whenever possible. Anything that can’t be fixed is disassembled and recycled properly.

To date, more than 97 of the 159 local Goodwills in the United States participate in Reconnect, providing nearly 2,000 donation and waste collection sites.

More than 50 million pounds of electronic equipment have been recycled through Goodwill providing an opportunity for someone to develop new skills through computer refurbishing training. After being repaired, the computer can be resold in the marketplace and help a child enhance his or her education.

So let’s all pitch in to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with your local Goodwill. Recycling your old electronics is free and easy today and every day. Goodwill takes any brand, in any condition.

Step #1: Go to the Reconnect web site and enter your zip code.

Step #2: Go to your local Goodwill and drop off your computer.

Step #3 (optional): Receive a receipt; take a tax deduction.

Goodwill is committed to preserving the environment and strengthening communities. Join us!

Follow Jim Gibbons on Twitter: www.twitter.com/goodwillintl

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