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Almost everyone who’s planning a round-the-world or other long-term trip comes upon one part of the process that serves as their stumbling block. For some, they’re paralyzed by the different options for multi-stop tickets and can’t figure out which one suits them best. For others, settling on just one itinerary and knowing they’ll skip some places is too much to bear. It’s not that people don’t get past these hurdles, it’s that for each person there’s usually one element of planning that seems harder to deal with than others.

And for many people, that difficult element is packing. What do you take with you for a long-term trip spanning thousands of miles and countless climate changes? How do you plan for appropriate attire in all the different cultures you’ll be experiencing? What about all those non-clothing essentials that you consider crucial to your overall well-being? Luckily there are plenty of people who have gone before you who are usually happy to offer pearls of wisdom about what you should and shouldn’t pack for a RTW trip – but in the end, you’re the one who has to live with your decisions.

This month’s Round the World Ticket Watch newsletter will be all about packing for a round the world trip – so if you haven’t already signed up to receive the newsletter, be sure to do it before the packing issue comes out.

Here are the new special deals on multi-stop airline tickets available through BootsnAll – these deals are good through June 30, 2010:

  • New York – Paris – Dubai – Beijing – New York, from $US1199 plus taxes
  • Los Angeles – London – Bangkok – Sydney – Nadi (Fiji) – Los Angeles, from US$1699 plus taxes
  • San Francisco – Manila – Singapore – Bangkok – Bali (Denpasar) – Perth – surface – Sydney – Nadi (Fiji) – Honolulu – San Francisco, from US$1999 plus taxes
  • If none of these sample itineraries is what you’re looking for in your round the world trip, then start planning the trip that suits you with our RTW trip planner.


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